Sunday, September 27, 2015

Our RMSO team shows up to Lost Creek with one of two Bigfoot sighting witnesses "Curtis" three days after he had the sighting along with two BFRO investigators. 
Both teams investigate the area on foot & from the air using drone technology looking for clues or evidence to back up the witnesses Bigfoot sighting. 
Our team locates a track way of about a dozen suspect Bigfoot footprints along with a couple of large possible Bigfoot hand prints.
We spot this dark black Bigfoot shaped anomaly in the trees across the draw & zoom in on it with our camera. After several dozen seconds of it not moving we dis-regard it as possible shadows or maybe a burnt stump.
  Our team has not been able to locate this anomaly Bigfoot shape after several follow up Bigfoot expeditions. Wasn't a burnt stump, we have not been able to re-create what we filmed that day. Perhaps a missing burnt stump, or mid-day shadows, we just don't know.

Breakdown video slowed & stabilized.
Breakdown video filters, slowed & stabilized          
Full Bigfoot expedition of Curtis's recent Bigfoot sighting location including air footage & full interview with the witness.
Winter follow up investigation of Curtis's Bigfoot sighting location.    
Winter quad copter follow up investigation of Curtis's Bigfoot sighting location.                                                                    
Spring investigation 1 year after Curtis's Bigfoot sighting.
Expedition to locate & investigate cave spotted on previous Bigfoot expedition at Curtis's sighting location.
6 or 7 expeditions since this video was taken, we still haven't found anything there that could create this illusion of a upper body & head bigfoot shape. We have ruled out a dead tree or burned stump & even during the same time of day we could not create a shadow image from the same vantage point. Nothing conclusive either way, we just know whatever was there that day is gone.

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