Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Stephen Hawking
"To my mathematical brain, the numbers alone make thinking about aliens perfectly rational. The real challenge is to work out what aliens might actually be like."
I agree with Stephen Hawking. The only example of advanced civilizations & technology is the human race. We try to control every resource we find. Our race may be a resource to extraterrestrials or they would try to destroy the human race for our planet & what it has to offer to an Alien civilization.
Creature of Moose Lake
Game camera footage of unknown upright creature at Moose Lake.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

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One of our personal favorite Bigfoot expeditions to the Ghost Town of Deadwood.
Expeditions like these are what keeps our team motivated in the search for Bigfoot.
Epic Bigfoot expedition is our most watched & liked video on RMSO Bigfoot YouTube

Unknown Creature or Plant-life on Mars?
With the recent announcement by NASA of water on Mars, every photo or video will be seriously looked at for signs of life. The thought of life on Mars is no longer just a tabloid newspaper gig. We all know there has to be a living alien on that planet, even if its just a one cell organism. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

Lake Shasta Bigfoot Sighting
Jenny goes over the Bigfoot sighting report for viewers as we investigate near the location of the sighting.

Bigfoot runs from train! Enhanced photo! Massive Sasquatch
Who took this photo? When was it taken? Are there more photos? These questions and more are asked in under 3 mins as Michael examines the Bigfoot running from the train in Colorado.. 
Michael does a great job, I agree if anyone has any more information contact him or us here at RMSO Bigfoot. #Bigfoot
Has Bluff Creek been compromised for credible Bigfoot research? 
RMSO Round Table
With: Derek Wright, Jenny Higley & Kelly Shaw
RMSO Round Table discussion about Bluff Creek. Bigfooting in Oregon, California & the Ghost Town of Deadwood.

Bronze Age road in Midlands turned into potting compost
The National Monuments Service established that it was no mere trackway, measuring up to 6m in width, and dating to 1200-820 BC – a 1,000 years older than Corlea.

In Longford, the Iron Age road unearthed at Corlea Bog has become the county’s prime tourism attraction, with massive oak planks wide enough for two chariots to pass side by side. In 2005, the discovery of a grander and far longer oak road at Mayne Bog in Coole, Co Westmeath, was a cause of great excitement.

NASA confirms there is water on Mars. Very exciting news for those in search of life forms on other planets & moons.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Derek Wright takes the quad copter up over the Mountain that looms over the Ghost Town of Deadwood where the logging boss & sons were chased back to camp by what they describe as a Bigfoot. Great air footage.

Our RMSO team shows up to Lost Creek with one of two Bigfoot sighting witnesses "Curtis" three days after he had the sighting along with two BFRO investigators. 
Both teams investigate the area on foot & from the air using drone technology looking for clues or evidence to back up the witnesses Bigfoot sighting. 
Our team locates a track way of about a dozen suspect Bigfoot footprints along with a couple of large possible Bigfoot hand prints.
We spot this dark black Bigfoot shaped anomaly in the trees across the draw & zoom in on it with our camera. After several dozen seconds of it not moving we dis-regard it as possible shadows or maybe a burnt stump.
  Our team has not been able to locate this anomaly Bigfoot shape after several follow up Bigfoot expeditions. Wasn't a burnt stump, we have not been able to re-create what we filmed that day. Perhaps a missing burnt stump, or mid-day shadows, we just don't know.

Breakdown video slowed & stabilized.
Breakdown video filters, slowed & stabilized          
Full Bigfoot expedition of Curtis's recent Bigfoot sighting location including air footage & full interview with the witness.
Winter follow up investigation of Curtis's Bigfoot sighting location.    
Winter quad copter follow up investigation of Curtis's Bigfoot sighting location.                                                                    
Spring investigation 1 year after Curtis's Bigfoot sighting.
Expedition to locate & investigate cave spotted on previous Bigfoot expedition at Curtis's sighting location.
6 or 7 expeditions since this video was taken, we still haven't found anything there that could create this illusion of a upper body & head bigfoot shape. We have ruled out a dead tree or burned stump & even during the same time of day we could not create a shadow image from the same vantage point. Nothing conclusive either way, we just know whatever was there that day is gone.
 I personally don't see why these 5 Bigfoot sightings are any more credible than dozens of other reports, but thought I would post this video since World 5 List used one of my YouTube photos from one of our Curtis Bigfoot sighting investigation videos at Lost Creek.

One of our videos they used a photo or screen shot from.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

 #Bigfoot Deadwood Bigfoot Expedition at Night.

 Derek, Jenny & I sneak up to 3 separate deer as we hike the famous Bigfoot sighting location of Deadwood at night using infrared cameras.

 We record eye shine of animals we were not able to identify. Bats zip around our heads' as we explore the suspect nesting spot of a Bigfoot spotted three times by 5 witnesses in the mining ghost town of Deadwood.

 All of the Bigfoot sightings reported the day after the discovery & removal of  suspect Bigfoot bedding material in one of the ghost house basements.
I am excited about this new discovery of 15 partial skeletons of a human like species that date back around 2.8 million years old. Found in a cave, possibly placed there by the tribe or loved ones. Showing ritualistic behavior, possibly spiritual like behavior of one of the oldest hominids found.

 Homo naledi

Hike to Deadwood Mountain Where Logging Boss Chased to Camp by Bigfoot

Deadwood Bigfoot Expedition 

RMSO hikes on Mountain in Deadwood where the Logging Boss & his two Sons were chased back to the logging camp by what they describe as a Bigfoot.

Model of Deadwood before it was abandoned in the mid 1940s

Friday, September 25, 2015

#Bigfoot RMSO returns to the famous Bigfoot sighting hotspot of Deadwood.

Kelly Shaw's pick for #1 Bigfoot video to date.

Kelly Shaw's pick for #2 Bigfoot video to date.
Kelly Shaw's pick for #3 top Bigfoot video to date. The Mississippi Bigfoot.
#Bigfoot RMSO travels to the location of yet another aggressive Bigfoot encounter in the remote Mountains of Montana.
#Bigfoot RMSO travels to Montana looking for signs of Bigfoot after a string of missing people in an area where there is a history of aggressive Bigfoot sighting reports. Including a famous report Teddy Roosevelt writes about. A trapper possibly killed by a Wildman.